WHILE THE DUKE WAS SLEEPING by Sophie JordanWhile the Duke was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan
Series: Rogue Files #1
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


When Poppy Fairchurch meets the Duke of Autenberry for the first time she is working in a flower shop. With her parents gone and her raising her younger sister, she believes in happily ever after’s and hopes that one day the Duke will take notice of her. On the days that he comes into the shop she takes extra care of herself in hoping to turn his head, but one day after his purchases the Duke is confronted by a man and a fight breaks out. Poppy rushes to the rescue and interferes almost getting herself run over by a carriage when she is saved by the stranger who was fighting with the Duke. She is introduced to the Duke’s family as his betrothed, but sooner or later the Duke will wake up and she has to come clean about how she really knows him and her feelings toward the Scot who is slowly claiming her heart.


Struan Mackenzie lost his mother which was the only family he had left. He sets out to meet his father only to find out he passed and his step brother, the Duke, wants nothing to do with him. When Struan confronts the Duke outside the flower shop things get a little heated and the Duke ends up in a coma. Struan doesn’t believe this woman to be his step brothers soon to be wife and not only because she is a shop girl but there is something about her that intrigues him to dig a little deeper. The more he digs and gets to know Poppy the more he starts to fall for his step brothers soon to be wife. What will happen when his brother finally wakes up? Or will Struan claim the fearless Poppy as his own?


After Reading Sophie Jordan’s Devils Rock series I was interested in picking up one of her historical romances because the Devils Rock books were just so good. While the Duke Was Sleeping came at the perfect time and as soon as I received it I dived right into a fun new world that contained a witty and sassy heroine and a Scot with a sourly attitude that kept me wanting more. From the moment these two are around one another they rub each other the wrong way but there is something deeper simmering under the surface and when they had their first kiss it was explosive. I think maybe I even gasped right along with Poppy at that moment. I couldn’t wait to see how she would react because little by little she finds herself wondering more about him and what his touches would feel like. And these two have more than a few moments to know exactly what they like from one another.


I liked how Struan was at war within himself about liking Poppy and yet not wanting a long term commitment with her. While I did enjoy this story I did feel like it lacked in originality. This story was almost a carbon copy to the movie of While You Were Sleeping with all the same set up with just a historical twist added in. While reading I was just waiting for something more to happen to set it apart from the movie, but that never really came.


I did like the characters and they were honestly the best part about While the Duke Was Sleeping. Sometimes Struan’s pursuit of Poppy was downright hilarious and yet at times it came off as a little creepy. For more than half the book I felt as if he were perusing her just to get back at his step brother and other times it felt as if he was really interested in Poppy. While the Duke Was Sleeping contained humor, romance and a story that reeled me in, it just didn’t hit me on the emotional level that I was looking for.

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