EARNING HIS STALLION’S TRUST by Charlie RichardsEarning His Stallions Trust by Charlie Richards
Series: Paranormal's Love #21
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


Horse shifter Nolan has had an incredibly difficult number of years before his recuperation in a gargoyle mansion.  It began when he was brutally beaten and forced from his herd after declaring his sexuality. The injuries were so severe Nolan permanently lost his sense of smell. Fate twisted his life again when the shifter was captured and experimented on by scientists.  Rescued at last, Nolan’s mental state takes a hit because of two troublemaking gargoyles. When all is said and done the equine shifter retreats to the room he’s given and rarely leaves, if at all.


One of the clutches most trustworthy guards Craven spends his waking hours out of doors.  Even meals are taken outside.  Craven is rarely seen within the walls of the mansion by choice.


One fateful night the horse shifter and the gargoyle come face to face by accident.  Without his sense of smell Nolan is unable to scent his mate. Craven, of course, doesn’t understand why his mate doesn’t recognize him.  Poor Nolan has been traumatized and lied to and mistreated.  Who can blame him for his fears…


A heart-breaking tale turns around as one gargoyle will be Earning His Stallion’s Trust.  Book twenty-one in the A Paranormal’s Love series offers an emotionally tender tale of redemption.  It’s the power of love every time.  Enjoy the endearing romance.  Nolan deserves all the love Craven can give in this sweet and sexy story.

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