ECSTASY UNTAMED by Pamela Palmer

ECSTASY UNTAMED by Pamela Palmer
Ecstasy Untamed
by Pamela Palmer

Series: Feral Warriors #6
Published by Avon Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Faith has been living on the streets of Warsaw for a long time. It’s her mission in life to help as many street kids as she can. Faith is stunned when she meets Maxim and feels that undeniable connection. Is it possible this man is her mate? Maxim has been marked to be a Feral Warrior; they alone protect the world from evil. It’s unfortunate that the more she gets to know her intended the more she dislikes him; while becoming more attached to the handsome, yet forbidden Hawke. 

Since being saved from the spirit trap Hawke has been struggling to control his animal and his sanity. The only thing that seems to calm him is Faith. Faith is Maxim’s mate but Hawke can’t stay away from her. He has a strong need to protect her especially from Maxim. Evil darkens the feral warriors’ doorstep. Maxim is more than he seems. He intends to wreak havoc on the warriors and the world. Can Hawke save Faith from the demented Maxim? Can Faith save Hawke from himself? Find out in Ecstasy Untamed. 

Faith and Hawke make Ecstasy Untamed unforgettable. I love the way Pamela Palmer plotted out this stellar story. The intense emotions brought about by Hawke’s frustrations with his animal and the immense attraction to Faith are phenomenal. I love that this story is so original. I was totally thrown off by Faith and Maxim supposedly being mates. I felt this was a genius move keeping this series fresh and thrilling. I was totally “in” this story from page one. I felt every emotion that Faith and Maxim did. I was angry on their behalf and sought retribution along with them. Most importantly I fell in love along with them. Ecstasy Untamed is a thrill a minute story that packs an emotional punch. Ms. Palmer’s Feral Warrior series is a keeper.

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