EDGED BLADE by J. C. Walker

EDGED BLADE by J. C. WalkerEdged Blade by J. C. Walker
Series: Colbana Files #4
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing


Kit Colbana has been fighting her way back to the life she had before being kidnapped and brutally abused. She knows that she might never get all her abilities back, but Kit needs to regain as much as she can and that includes the Alpha shifter who stole his way into her heart—Damon Lee. When her friend and business partner, Justin Greaves, comes to her with a new case, Kit agrees to help him solve it, even when it means having to face and deal with a vampire, her worst type of boogie man these days.


Someone is taking “others” from their homes and lives and, if they are found at all, it’s either dead or so messed up they might has well be dead.  The more clues and answers that Kit and Justin find, the worse it gets. But when a break happens and Kit, Justin, and others are able to rescue some of those being held, Kit’s life becomes even more interesting. It appears that someone or several someone(s) high up in the Assembly is behind the disappearances. Those same people are not about to let either Kit or Justin find the out the truth if they can help it. Like that isn’t enough for Kit to have to deal with, one of the people she saved is one of Damon’s ex’s, and she has decided she can just come back to her old life.  Hmm, has hell frozen over yet? The last answers arrive in this mystery, yet it just gives more questions which will have Kit and everything wading in even deeper as their story goes on.


Power corrupts absolutely they say, and it appears that it has absolutely corrupted at least one person with power over the “others” in Edged Blade. Kit ends up helping Justin solve the disappearances that have several “others” going missing, and either turning up dead, or wishing they were. Along the way, Kit strives forward in her relationship with Damon and in overcoming the new fears that are trying to tear her apart. There were so many times I just wanted to hug both Kit and Damon. I had even other times where I wanted to smack Justin and a few others I won’t name here. I loved seeing how much Kit grew while she was chasing after those behind the disappearances.  And I really loved how Damon was moving all obstacles that might get in the way of his and Kit’s relationship and her healing. I really do love this couple. I was absolutely amazed on just who came into the picture just as it went lights out for this chapter of Kit’s life. Now I really can’t wait until my next glimpse into this amazing world.  Edged Blade has the best in suspense and passion, both of which surround Kit most of the time, while sprinkled with just touches of humor and danger. What a great combo.

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