Educating Elizabeth
by Kate Pearce

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Reviewed by Shayna

When Elizabeth Waterstone’s stepfather loses a large sum of money to the Duke of Diable Delamere, he does the unthinkable: trades the “services” of his stepdaughter to the duke in lieu of payment.  Rather than faint, cry, or run screaming, Elizabeth asks Gervase Saint-Malo, the duke in question, for help.  If she is to be ruined, she wants the rakish duke to teach her how to be a courtesan.  Elizabeth’s erotic lessons are complicated by the growing feelings she and Gervase have for one another.  And when Elizabeth unwittingly starts to aid Gervase in his quest to stop an assassination plot against the Prince Regent, their relationship becomes even more complex.  It soon becomes apparent to both Gervase and Elizabeth that her “education” has turned into something more than either bargained for.

Sensuality and intrigue go hand-in-hand in Educating Elizabeth.  I love that both Elizabeth and Gervase were far more than what they seemed.  Both were intelligent, pragmatic characters, something I found quite likeable about them, and their romance was engaging.  The assassination plotline of Educating Elizabeth was every bit as entertaining as the love story.  I did have a bit of an issue with some of the secrets being kept, particularly by Elizabeth.  Her reason for keeping Gervase in the dark about her brother wasn’t a very compelling one and it lead to big misunderstandings and drama which could have easily been avoided.  That being said, I really enjoyed Educating Elizabeth and upon finishing it I immediately began reading the sequel, Redeeming Jack.

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