Educating the Playtpus
by Charlie Richards

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

College student Kai Sudderson and his friends are enjoying the summer before school starts up again.  A large pond system nearby is the perfect place for Kai to relax and swim in his platypus shifter form.  His human friends have known for years that he can transform into a platypus, his aunt and uncle who raised him are unaware of what their nephew can do.  It was hard enough for them to accept that he was gay, never mind tell them he’s a shifter.


Taking a dip in the pond Kai becomes snagged in a beaver trap.  He’s all alone and unable to shift without causing further damage and tiring quickly.  Just when Kai becomes desperate for help he is saved by a small penguin shifter.


After the rescue he’s excited to meet a whole group of shifters.  Kai has never met anyone like him before and even though his human friends are the best it’s great to find other shifters.  One in particular fascinates the college senior, Dorian Yaris.  Kai doesn’t understand the significance of mates, yet he feels a strong pull towards the older shifter.

Life is about experiencing new things, Kai and Dorian have only begun.


Leave it to author Charlie Richards to come up with another enjoyable Kontra’s Menagerie storyline filled with interesting, flawed characters.  Kai is an unusual shifter type yet he’s got human friends who love him and a brand new life with his mate Dorian.  His human family offers additional tension and issues to work through.  Educating the Platypus features intriguing challenges and a great deal of fun.

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