ELECTRIFY HIS HEART by Alana AnkhElectrify His Heart by Alana Ankh
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

In a world that relied on cybernetic implants for soldiers and the majority of the work force to make them stronger, faster, and more efficient the virus of 2441 was devastating.  The identity chips implanted at birth even proved to be killers when the virus hit.  One lone baby survived that day, Uriel Noah of the House of Zion.


Twenty years have passed since the virus struck.  The United States is renamed Eden.  People are split into two factions, those with low amounts of tech implantation are called purist.  The majority of those loaded with tech died that day but some survived and are now treated as little more than slaves.  Purists look to their savior, the Guiding Light, Uriel to succor and heal them.  The resistance on the other hand looks to one of their own, Raze Hartman for a way to free them from servitude.


Since that awful day Raze has looked for a way to save his father who’s been stuck in a cryo tube with machines keeping his body alive.  Raze devises a plan to kidnap the Guiding Light and make him heal his father.  Little does he know that Uriel would like nothing more than to escape his gilded cage.  Without common ground there can be no trust, yet from the moment Raze and Uriel meet their actions speak of mutual faith in each other.  What they begin to set in motion cannot be stopped by either faction. The world is about to change once more.


Embrace an alternate reality in Electrify His Heart.  The Earth went to hell when the virus hit and the fallout ravages the human race.  Uriel and Raze are both honorable men, one a puppet without any real power and the other weary of his responsibilities.  Electrify His Heart starts slowly, yet soon picks up momentum and then holds the reader tightly until the end.  Surrounded by tech, cyborgs, and the faithful it is the human heart that ultimately matters most in this sizzling romance.

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