IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. Church

IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. ChurchIn Enemy Hands by M. A. Church
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Starship captain Varo Kutchif, also known as Prince Varo, third son of the ruler of the planet Yesri is caught between a rock and hard place.  The king, his father, has ordered Varo to somehow land on Helkan and murder the royal brothers ruling that planet. Then, amid the chaos, he’s supposed to steal Black Phospolrock, a highly valuable mineral.  It’s utter madness.  If Varo refuses the King will see to it that the crew of his ship and their relatives will be put to death.  The incentive set forth by a madman.


Every planet in their system is well aware that the Helkan world prefers to keep to themselves.  Their people rarely venture off planet and visitors are not welcome.  Anyone who lands there without authorization becomes their prisoner and is never heard from again.  This is what Prince Varo faces.


Talks with the intriguing Prince Adlar, leader of the D’noir, the King’s assassin squad, about a proposition to obtain the mineral break down/ Varo knows he’s been left with one choice.  He can only hope that when his shuttle crashes his death is quick and relatively painless.


The very last thing Varo expects is to survive the crash landing.  Prince Adlar is sent to the site and begins hunting his prey.  Varo has no idea of what he’s set in motion.  Becoming Prince Adlar’s prisoner is just the beginning.


A treat for the senses, In Enemy Hands is a deliciously dark thrill ride.  Clashing personalities showcase fascinating, complex characters In Enemy Hands.  Varo and Adlar couldn’t be more unalike; watching them come to terms with the changes they’ve brought to each other is pure fun.  It may be difficult to understand how the starship captain could become so comfortably submissive to the Helkan prince, but clues to an abusive past are the answer.  Trust becomes the issue for two princes in this unique character driven story.  In Enemy Hands absolutely captures the reader and doesn’t let go.  This intense romance will leave you clamoring for more.

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