ENEMY MINE by Karin Harlow

ENEMY MINE by Karin HarlowEnemy Mine by Karin Harlow
Series: L. O. S. T. #2
Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pocket Star

Reviewed by Miranda

Lovers from opposite worlds reunite in Karin Harlow’s explosive, erotic new L.O.S.T. adventure. . . . While tracking a hijacked cask of enriched uranium in Kyrgyzstan, L.O.S.T. operative Nikko Cruz is ambushed and left for dead. Which means he must be hallucinating when the only woman he ever loved—the woman he was sentenced to death for killing—comes to his rescue. Half-daemon Selena Guererro has secrets she’d kill for. The most important one, she’s already died to protect. Now she’ll do anything to keep her daughter safe. But she can’t just leave her lost love to perish. She injects Nikko with immortal blood serum, putting herself in grave danger. When Nikko comes to, he is superhuman and super pissed. The mother of his daughter—the one he thought killed their child—is alive. He wants answers. He wants blood. And despite his best intentions, he wants Selena. He traces her to a mysterious terrorist cell where the cask has surfaced. First, he must retrieve the deadly material. Then he’ll take revenge on his beautiful ex. But when nothing goes as planned, Nikko and Selena find themselves burning with desire . . . and blowing the roof off their separate worlds, human and daemon alike.

Nikko Cruz used to be Johnny Cicone. Now he’s an operative for L.O.S.T. (Last Option Special Team). A team of elite operatives that go into situations no one else would dare. His latest mission takes him to Kyrgyzstan in search for nuclear weapons. Nikko is double-crossed and ambushed. The enemy left him for dead and high-tailed it with the weapons. Nikko thinks his end is near until he sees the last person he’d ever expect; the love of his life and the woman he murdered.

Selena Guererro is half-daemon with one mission in life: destroy her father, the prince of hell. When her father threatened her happiness she had to make the man she loved think she aborted their daughter. Selena never expected Johnny to attempt to kill her but it served her purpose; keeping him and their daughter safe. She is closer than she’s ever been to having the ammunition to kill her father when she finds Johnny half dead on the side of a mountain. Selena does the only thing she can, save him and totally screw up her plans in the process.

Nikko survives but he’s changed. He’s pissed and determined to find Selena and figure out what the hell is going on. He still needs to recover those nukes and he’s content using Selena to do it. Nikko and Selena’s reunion is made of fire and ice. Find out who survives in Enemy Mine. 

Enemy Mine is a torrid, explosive mile-a-minute story. Karin Harlow fills Enemy Mine with high stakes passion and suspense. There is so much emotion between Nikko and Selena it’s ridiculous. There is so much more at stake than their lives and you can feel it on every page. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Nikko and Selena as well as the ones between Selena and Joran and Nikko and the members of his team. Enemy Mine is a fascinating and intriguing story. The L.O.S.T. series continues to be cool, complex and full of spice.

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