ENFORCING EMORY by Mickie B. Ashling

ENFORCING EMORY by Mickie B. Ashling
Enforcing Emory
by Mickie B. Ashling

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
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It was the break Nikolai Vetrov dreamed for when the Chicago Wolves hockey team offered the enforcer a place in their lineup.  Nik’s abusive father moved the entire family from the Ukraine to Toronto hoping the enforcer would get noticed somewhere in the West.  His father was hanging his success on his son.


Olympic hopeful Emory Lowe is riding high from his U.S. National Figure Skating Championship win.  The out and proud flamboyant skater is looking forward to chasing the gold at the games in Russia.  Emory’’s parents have always been in his corner, loving him no matter his lifestyle choices.


Meeting Emory as a new neighbor the enforcer isn’t quite sure what to make of the flirtatious skater.  The Olympic hopeful on the other hand is absolutely certain that Nik is the guy for him.  Teasing and toying with Nik at every encounter Emory opens the hockey player’s eyes, as well as his body to something special.  Neither can afford to let their feelings interfere with their goals.  The consequences could ruin them.  Worse would be Nik’s father finding out.  Ending things is the smart way to go if only they could.


With the backdrop of competitive sports Enforcing Emory comes to life.  A difficult yet tender romance is at the heart of this family drama.  The main characters are polar opposites.  Emory is certain of his parent’s love and his skills on the ice.  Nik on the other hand only knows of abuse and fulfilling his father’s dreams.  The well written intense plotline allows Emory and Nik to shine.  You don’t have to know hockey or skating to enjoy this love story.

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