EQUIPOISE by Kim Fielding

EQUIPOISE by Kim FieldingEquipoise by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #3
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Published by DSP Publications

Surviving two mighty magical conflicts Ennek is utterly exhausted and more powerful than ever while his lover Miner worries about the consequences of their actions.  It appears everywhere they go they are forced to alter the lives of those they meet.


Homesick and tired of wandering they decide to return to Praesidium.  The time has come for the second son of the Chief and the former slave condemned to Stasis to take what they’ve learned on their travels and try to change the rigid laws back home.  They hope to attempt the impossible and free bond slaves, alter outdated laws, and most importantly ask the Chief to see what could be in Praesidium.  Ennek and Miner are willing to risk their love for the greater good of their people.  If they survive their first steps anything is possible.


An incredibly intense, riveting adventure comes to a fantastic conclusion in Equipoise.  This unique blend of drama, action, and sensuality is bound together with a pulse pounding ending.  Well drawn emotionally strong characters strengthen an intelligent plotline set within an alternate world.  From the first page to the last Ennek and Miner’s primal, lusty love rings true.  Equipoise delivers a powerful and compelling romance where anything is possible when love is involved.

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