THE ESSENT QUEST by J. J. LoreThe Essent Quest by J. J. Lore
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id

An old Domidian fable talks of a magical elixir able to heal, among other mystical attributes.  Party planner Tellan decides to take the myth to heart after talking to an elderly con artist who swears the co-ordinates to an unoccupied planet are real.  Tellan has watched his beloved sister Mirae suffer and waste away for years with an illness they cannot cure.  He may be clutching at straws but Tellan has to try.


It’s a horrible jolt to his sensibilities to find that not everyone in the system likes the Domidian race.  The trip that Tellan expected to be an exciting adventure is becoming an unpleasant, expensive, and dangerous journey.  Purchasing supplies on Katar Lac before his final leg to the fabled elixir Tellan encounters an Atavaq who offers his services to protect the Domidian.


Jorant is nothing like the talkative Tellan, which fascinates the inquisitive young man.  Circumstances force Jorant into revealing that he’s a modified Atavaq, a Creig who’s hiding from a dishonorable past.  Tellan never expected to need the Crieig’s assistance, but then again Jorant never imagined he’d be saved by the Domidian on the quest of a lifetime.


An inept playboy has an adventure of incredible highs and lows.  Joined together with a lost soul the two discover The Essent Quest.  Naïve charmer Tellan falls into one disaster after another, luckily Jorant has his back on their wild journey.  The Essent Quest is a fast paced rollicking good time where danger and love go hand in hand.

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