Eternally Devoted
by Stacey Kennedy

Series: Frostbite #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Tess Jennings has been on a hunt to find a way to get her ghost lover Kipp McGowen’s spirit back into his body before it’s too late.  Along the way Tess has had to face many things about her gifts and how they brought her to the love of her life.  Now all of the clues have lead to one place and Tess is worried that she might be running out of time to make sure that Kipp is whole again and maybe, just maybe, they can have the future their love demands.

Tess made a promise to gain the help she believes is needed to save Kipp.  She agreed to find out who murdered the grand master of the Animus, however, even with the help of his ghost, it appears someone really doesn’t want the truth to come out.  As Tess’s dual hunts leads to more questions than answers, frustration sets in and just when Tess is beginning to believe she will lose Kipp, the answers to everything are suddenly right in front of her.  Kipp’s ghost is gone but where did it go and was it in time to save Kipp and their love.

A mystical journey to save a lover brings danger and suspense, but in the end it’s love that wins the day in Eternally Devoted.  I have been rooting for Tess and Kipp since they first met and I have say by the time I turned the last page, I’m pretty sure I had a goofy smile on my face and a yea in my throat.  I loved how much Tess has grown as her journey to save Kipp went on.  I also enjoyed watching Tess see how much her gifts help rather than just be a pita to her.  I have always known that Tess and Kipp had to be together, but I had to admit that there were a couple of times I wondered just how that would happen and on which side of the veil they would be.  Eternally Devoted is a suspense filled ending to a path that leads to the best type of forever – the kind filled with lasting passion. 

If you haven’t already started reading Tess and Kipp’s adventures, then I have to encourage you to start at the beginning and follow the story in order. You won’t regret it.


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