All They Ever Wanted
by Tracy Solheim

Series: Second Chances #2
Published by Berkley Publishing Group, Sensation Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author

Lori Hunt is on the run from her past.  Currently, she is secretly hiding out as the cook/housekeeper in a small North Carolina town.  Lori knows that if her secret is revealed, there would be hell to pay.  Not one to stay in one place too long, Lori would have left town by now if her boss, Patricia McAlister, did not need her to run the bed and breakfast while she recovers from an accident.


Since his adolescent years, Miles McAlister has stuck to his lifelong politician goal.  With his sights set on a US Congressman seat for his hometown, Miles is not up for surprises that could harm his chances of winning the seat.  Miles senses that Lori is not truthful and he is determined to uncover what she is hiding before she could hurt his mother.


However, the more time that Miles spends around Lori while digging for information, the more he begins to like her as a woman.  Before long, Lori and Miles find themselves caught up in a love affair.  Will their relationship survive once all is revealed?


All They Ever Wanted is a delightful suspense that will have you reading long into the night.  Tracy Solheim did a marvelous job of crafting some highly complicated situations filled with shocking scandals and mortifying secrets.  My eagerness to see just how the storyline would unfold kept me hanging on the edge of my seat and never wanting to put the book down for one minute.  The development of Lori and Miles’ relationship is right on the mark and packed with passion-filled emotion.  There were moments of tears, laughter, anger, and joy.  All in all, a very good read.


All They Ever Wanted can be read as a standalone.

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