EVOLUTION by Lissa Kasey

EVOLUTION by Lissa KaseyEvolution by Lissa Kasey
Series: Evolution #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

Vampires are legally required to be part of a national registry once the world became aware of their existence.  Trouble in the form of a radical group refuses to accept vampires as citizens however, and regularly stake and burn vampires to make their point and the headlines.  Pretty much anyone not white and human is fair game as far as their concerned.


Ghosts have been a part of Genesis ‘Gene’ Sage’s life as far back as he can remember and his dreams at night are filled with graveyards and gravestones.  Petite and somewhat delicate featured, Gene’s school years were a nightmare at the best of times.  He dropped out the day bullies almost killed him and no one came to his rescue.  Blessed with a hauntingly beautiful voice Gene has managed to scrape by working at a gay bar while he and two friends try to get a record deal for their indie band Evolution.


Late and driving wild as usual, Gene is distracted by a possible ghost and nearly runs down someone crossing the road.  Unbelievably the victim is none other than rock god Kerstrande Petterson, a member of the defunct band Triple Flight.   Obvious suspicions and poor communication are the beginning of Gene and Kerstande’s convoluted relationship.  The one thing they share is their love of music and an innate spark of attraction neither is able to deny, at least for long.  The more time they spend together the more secrets are exposed leading each to the edge of death or worse.


The most unlikely of romances, Evolution takes readers on a complicated journey with love as the goal.  A unique paranormal tale Evolution also has a bite of horror as Gene enters Kerstrande’s wicked world.  Miscommunication leads the pair to several emotional breakups and makes ups which do get frustrating at times.  Gene is an absolutely fascinating main character who falls for a moody, broody recluse whose motivations have merit.  There are a few great twists and surprises as well, which adds more kick to their story.  Dark and dangerous Evolution proves how tenacious Gene can be where Kerstrande and love are concerned.

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