EXILE by Caleb James

EXILE by Caleb JamesExile by Caleb James
Series: Haffling #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications



Once a member of fairy Queen May’s court, Liam Summer has somehow ended up in New York roasting to death in an apartment fire.  The fairy fire is ablaze – human firefighters cannot stop it.  At the moment Liam accepts his own death FDNY Charlie Fitzgerald appears and saves him.


As a small child Charlie used to listen to the tales his grandmother spun of the little people.  Wonderful, strange, obviously pretend tales.  Events fall into place however that make Charlie a believer as he falls for Liam lock, stoc,k and barrel.


All the signs point to Queen May gathering strength.  She’s been trapped between worlds though it won’t be long before she escapes. Her plan is to rule both realms no matter the cost.  Somehow the humans who believe and a handful of fae must stop the psychopathic ruler.


Author Caleb James writes an absolute stunner in Exile.  Book two in the Halfling series is a rich, elaborate, and intricate story.  Love comes quietly, gently to Liam and Charlie in the midst of chaos while battling an ancient foe.  Whimsical moments, dangerous situations – they are packed within Exile.  Charming Liam has much to answer for.  Honorable Charlie is his perfect match.  Enjoy this unique, wild tale.

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