Exquisite Danger
by Ann Mayburn

Series: Iron Horse MC #2
Published by Fated Desires Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author


It feels as though the entire world of criminals and cutthroats have Swan and Sarah Anderson on their radar.  Swan and her lover Miguel ‘Smoke’ Santos are heading to Denver after getting a tip from the local Iron Horse MC that the twins’ mother and Sarah have been sighted in Colorado.  It’s also a fast learning curve for Swan to get acclimated to the life of someone in a relationship with a biker, especially one as high up in the Iron Horse hierarchy.  Loving Smoke has been the easy part on her heart and the hard part for her independent nature.


Finding out that the twins’ mother stole a huge amount of money and a trailer full of weapons explains why everyone wants her so badly.  There’s no love lost between the girls and their mother, but she is their mother so finding her before anyone else is imperative.  Even worse Sarah is still out there alone trying to find her.


False rumors endanger Swan after arriving in town and meeting the Denver chapter which forces them to accept the fact that there are traitors in their midst. Swan and Smoke must find her mother and Sarah as well as expose the guilty within the club.  Then they can explore their intense feelings for each other and take things to the next level.  Easy, right?


Suspenseful for the start, Exquisite Danger takes readers on a heart pounding romantic adventure.  Intense characterizations continue to develop in the second Iron Horse MC Novel series.  Swan and Smoke have a fierce relationship, passionate and erotic, while at the same time rough and raw.  The dialogue is gritty and realistic for the biker lifestyle.  Exquisite Danger is an exciting love story, but definitely not your average romance.


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