EXQUISITE TROUBLE by Ann MayburnExquisite Trouble by Ann Mayburn
Series: Iron Horse MC #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Fated Desires


Identical twin sisters Sue Wanda ‘Swan’ and Sarah Anderson had an extremely unique upbringing.  Separated as young girls, Swan was raised by her Special Ops/survivalist father and Mafia princess assassin stepmother, while Sarah lead a gypsy lifestyle with their grifter mother.  Finally reunited as teens they had difficulty reconnecting until a misunderstanding over a boyfriend almost destroyed their bond completely.


Living on her own in Houston, Swan works as a waitress at a strip club to support herself and pay for a second master’s degree.  Swan is unaware that she’s being guarded, watched over by Miguel ‘Smoke’ Santos, Master at Arms for the Austin chapter of the Iron Horse MC  Her protection began weeks ago because her mother stole something belonging to the Iron Horse MC, something the Russian mob wants and something men in Vegas are interested in.


Innocent of any involvement in her mother’s actions, Swan is embroiled in the mess because of her mother and because Sarah is engaged to Beach, President of the Iron Horse MC based in Austin.  Everyone is aware that Sarah is trying to find their parent, more importantly very few know that Sarah has an identical twin sister.


Trying to keep Swan safe and ignorant of what’s happening becomes impossible so Smoke is told to bring her to Austin.  Already half in love with the sweet, virginal twin Smoke’s feelings are returned as Swan falls under his spell.  Everyone is after Swan to use her for leverage of one kind or another, except Smoke.  All he cares about is keeping his woman safe and well loved.  As the dangers mount their love becomes stronger.  Unfortunately powerful loving won’t protect them forever.


Exquisite Trouble brings a raw, gritty, and brutal world to light where innocence and purity walk hand in hand with death.  Swan is an enigma, virginal, and genuine, yet because of her upbringing she can name, clean, and shoot any weapon you hand her.  Smoke and the world of Iron Horse MC he inhabits is a place few could survive.  The language is rough and the people even more so.  The Iron Horse MC novels are original and entirely fascinating.  A character driven suspense filled tale Exquisite Trouble blends a pulse pounding drama with a believable romance.  It’s not tender, it’s erotic and it’s purely addicting.

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