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I can’t believe Face-Off at the Alter is the ninth book in the Assassins series. Ever since I started this series I have looked forward to each and every book and this one was no different. I was wondering whose story would be next so when it was announced that it was going to be Markus and Mekena I was pleasantly surprised Toni Aleo was going to give them a second chance at happily ever after.


To give you a little background on Markus and Mekena if you haven’t read the previous books, they dated in college but then he broke her heart after betraying her. After college Mekena moved to Jacksonville and became a photographer while Markus has been trying to get his break in the NHL. It has been some time since they have seen one another, but with Lucy and Benji’s wedding coming up they will inevitably come face to face with one another again.


Markus Reeves always planned to make it in the NHL but he is unhappy playing for the Assassins farm team down in Florida. He misses his family and friends, not to mention he seems to be stuck in a rut on the ice. When offered the chance to finally show he has what it takes to be the best for the league, he feels this could be his one chance to show the world what he can do. In order to move on he also has to make amends with Mekena, not only for the wedding coming up but also to help get his head back in the game. His love for her hasn’t faded but he didn’t expect after all this time to still feel the same he just hopes now that she can finally forgive him and give them a second chance.


Mekena Preston was hurt by Markus’ betrayal with her sister and after fleeing Nashville she still isn’t over the man who broke her heart. She agreed to be Lucy’s photographer for her big day to Benji and Mekena knows Markus will be there because he is a honorary member of the Sinclair family since he is Jace’s best friend. She isn’t over him but she needs to finally understand what happened between them and why he did what he did. The reason behind the betrayal will be reveled and people will be hurt even more but can their true love withstand what is about to come when it’s just getting started?


Mekena and Markus’ story was touching and I loved how it really blossomed. They both were obviously still in love and miserable without one another so I was really rooting for them to talk about what happened and begin their future. What I didn’t expect was how it happened but I really thought Ms. Aleo did an excellent job taking on the subject matter and showing the stages of not only forgiveness and acceptance but healing and looking toward the future. I have to admit there was more humor than I expected but I was grateful that my eyes didn’t get too swollen from the tears that kept falling.


At times I felt that Face-Off at the Alter was a bit on the long side but then I could see how this story needed so many details because a lot happened. Not only is Mekena dealing with trying to trust Markus again but she is also dealing with some family issues that were caused by that betrayal.


Face-Off at the Alter is a mix of Ms. Aleo’s Assassin series and the Bellevue Bullies series which I just loved. I enjoyed getting to revisit some of my favorite characters. Some of my favorite parts of this book were when the group were all together having a good time since they are truly one big family. But most of all this was a second chance romance that was filled with drama, emotions and a romance that needed a little TLC. Overall, I felt Face-Off at the Alter was a great addition to this series and I’m already looking forward to the next one.


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