FAIRE DIVINER by Madeleine Ribbon

FAIRE DIVINER by Madeleine Ribbon
Faire Diviner
by Madeleine Ribbon

Series: Faire #3
Published by Loose Id Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher


Each year during the summer months the popular Renaissance Faire is in full swing.  Linus Rosewood otherwise known as Rosewood and his Uncle Jorvik manage the Faire.  What the public doesn’t know is that each time the season ends the entire Faire, including its inhabitants, magically transports to another place until it’s time for the summer season to begin again.


All his life Rosewood’s been special.  Empathic gifts made everything difficult.  His father understood, but his mother did not.  After his father’s death Rosewood’s mother tried to have her son institutionalized.  Fleeing to the Faire and Uncle Jorvik saved him.  Over the years Rosewood learned to cope with his gifts though college proved to be extremely hard at times.  His solace during those years was Oscar Moreno.  Rosewood adored his college roommate until the day he told Oscar his secret.  When Oscar walked away his heart shattered.


That memory was ten long, lonely years ago, yet it all came rushing back the moment Rosewood saw Oscar at the Faire.  Uncle Jorvik was retiring so they were interviewing for someone to co-manage with Rosewood.  If Oscar couldn’t handle his lover’s gift how could he understand the entire Faire leaving when the season ended?  There was also the problem of figuring out what was wrong with Rosewood’s psychic talents.  They are slowly disappearing.  The last clear feeling was a warning of extreme danger to the Faire.  Not exactly helpful.  And what of Oscar?  Only time will tell if he can cope with the magic that is the Faire and the man he never forgot.


Faire Diviner tells its own unique tale in this third installment of the series.  A character laden story with multiple plotlines showcases a rich tapestry of diverse drama with Rosewood and Oscar at the center.  Little back story is given to the many secondary characters already coupled in previous books, which luckily doesn’t detract from everything going on here.  There are tense complications between Rosewood and Oscar, as well as the Faire’s own problems to handle.  Though there is a lot going on Faire Diviner does manage to tie the plot neatly together by the end.  Romance, broken hearts, and more, Faire Diviner is a massive, magical tale.

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