FALLING FOR A SANTINI by Melissa Schroeder

FALLING FOR A SANTINI by Melissa SchroederFalling for a Santini by Melissa Schroeder
Series: The Santinis #7
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Reviewed by Lisa

Captain Elena Santini, a Marine Corps Raptor pilot is living the life she’d dreamed of and set her sights on through her own intelligence and hard work.  With five elder brothers, one her twin, Elena has learned how to deal with the fragile male ego in her family and on base.  The only negative in her full life is the lack of someone special.


NCIS special agent Jethro ‘JT’ Thomas is at the top of his field in undercover work.  When he’s not on assignment JT spends time with his best friend Anthony Santini and the rest of the family.  In fact he’s now considered an honorary Santini which suits him fine since his own childhood was a nightmare.


From the time Elena was a teenager there’s been an undeniable chemistry between them, but JT refused to act on it.  By the time she was an adult he did his best to steer clear completely because you don’t poach your best friend’s sister.  The day finally arrives when Elena takes matters into her own hands leaving JT helpless to deny her.  They keep their relationship on the quiet prior to another undercover assignment JT is sent on.  Ironically it’s his absence that makes the family aware something is going on.  Coming home brings about several changes for the lovers, including the feeling that something from JT’s past has caught up with him.  Battling touchy brothers may prove easier than a stranger with a vendetta.  Maybe.


At last it is time for the youngest to shine in Falling for a Santini.  Fans and new readers alike will enjoy reading about Elena’s rocky romance and ultimate love in this testosterone fueled series.  Author Melissa Schroeder pens a realistic love story with all the family angst and drama readers expect while steamy hot encounters add the necessary spice.  Falling for a Santini gives a charming voice to the lone female sibling in this exciting storyline.  Elena and JT have their time at last.

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