FALLING LIGHT by Thea Harrison

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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FALLING LIGHT by Thea HarrisonFalling Light by Thea Harrison
Series: Game of Shadows #2
Published by Berkley Publishing Group, Sensation on 2014-02-04
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Jo

** Before you read this, you should first read Rising Darkness, the first book in the Game of Shadows series.  This review is starting assuming you have the knowledge from that book.


Mary and Michael are on the run trying to stay a few steps ahead of the evil that they followed from their homeworld so many centuries ago.  They are headed to the one woman who can join with them and help them rid the world of the evil once and for all, Astrid.  You would think that the danger that is on their heels would be enough to deal with right now, but they are also getting some of their memories back on their previous lives and the love they have had that has followed them down through the years.


Astrid has been in contact with Michael as he found Mary and they have dealt with everything that has been thrown at them, all the death and destruction, and she is torn on whether Mary is going to be the help both she and Michael had planned on or if the years and many challenges have weakened Mary.  They are finally altogether and the danger is definitely hunting them.  In the small amount of time they have to plan, Mary, Michael and Astrid gather their strengths and enter the final battle knowing it’s all or nothing.  Someone will die and someone will live on, the question is after all the years that Mary, Michael and Astrid have lived so many lifetimes and worked to end the evil, do they still have enough to win the day and save Earth from the horror that will happen if they lose.


For many, many centuries aliens have lived and died among humans while trying to end the evil that descended on Earth.  Now the time has arrived and it will take all the skill, sacrifice and most importantly a love that has lasted the entire time to win this battle.  Mary and Michael will learn all of this as they come to the end of their journey in Falling Light.  Once I was about half way through, I could tell that all the death, destruction and battles that have led to where Mary and Michael are now will be nothing to what would be coming.  I had to feel sorry for all the sorrow that Mary, Michael and even Astrid had suffered during their search to solve the wrong they were part of so long ago.  There were so many times I wondered if these allies really were going for the same aim and a couple of times I was positive they weren’t.  But once the final battle was going I could see my worries were totally off the mark.  I loved the way Mary and Michael not only survived with their love but helped one of the people who suffered after helping their cause.  Falling Light is full of danger and suspense with lots of action packed pages, but it’s tempered by the strong love between Mary and Michael.


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