FALLING, ONE BY ONE by S. A. McAuleyFalling, One by One by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #4
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The death of President Wensen Kersch has thrown the Revolution into turmoil.  The leadership must take immediate steps to let their people know that everything will be running smoothly without any interruptions.  Merq’s childhood friend Ricor Simion is the man Kersch trusted to take over.  A much bigger worry is knowing that their assassinated leader was completely compromised.


It will be up to Peacemaker Merq Grayson and Dark Ops Armise Darcan to infiltrate and destroy the hybrid camps.  Knowing that these hybrids were once innocent children of the jacquerie is destroying what little humanity the two assassins had left.  They’ve also come to realize that the PsychHAgs who almost destroyed Merq as a teen are involved in this web of experimentation.


With success comes one tragedy after another until finally the enemy is within reach.  Merq and Armise are tested beyond human limit in their efforts to save the children and discover whether they too are compromised and don’t realize it.  Giving up on each other is not an option on this journey through a living hell.


Pulling out all the stops in book four of The Borders War series, Falling, One by One takes the characters to their physical and emotional breaking point.  Uncompromisingly raw and painful to witness, Merq and Armise suffer in this war torn drama.  Falling, One by One isn’t a typical romance, their love is brutal and unflinchingly harsh, yet their bond is real and speaks to the reader.  This is not a future anyone would want, but this is definitely an addictive series to embrace.

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