FALLING UNDER by Lauren Dane

FALLING UNDER by Lauren Dane
Falling Under
by Lauren Dane

Series: Ink and Chrome #2
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Carmella Rossi has had the hots for her hunky neighbor since they became neighbors, but she knows that he will never be for her.  After all, she is unemployed right now and trying to keep all of her responsibilities under control and not let herself fall under water.  What she didn’t expect was for Duke to offer her a job at his shop as the office manager.  Accepting the offer will help offset her financial worries, but it will also put her in close contact with Duke every day.  However, Carmella has never been one to ignore challenges so, of course, she accepts the job.


Duke Bradshaw is the co-owner of Twisted Steel, a remodeling and custom car shop that, after years of hard work, is coming into its own as the place to go for any custom work. When their office manager puts in an unexpected notice, Duke knows just the person to fill the job—his sexy neighbor.  Duke has wanted Carmella for years now, but has always kept their relationship just below the intimate level.  Duke is good at controlling his impulses, but being exposed to Carmella both at work and at home just might be the thing that allows Duke to get Carmella just where he wants her—his bed.


With constant exposure, it doesn’t take long for the attraction between Duke and Carmella to explode into passion.  Yet, both know that this could be a touchy relationship with them being employer and employee, and yet they agree to take the risk.  Their relationship is like any other with ups and downs, as both learn to adjust to being part of a couple, until a major misunderstanding tears them part. It takes a lot of understanding and discussion, but Duke and Carmella get back on the relationship track.  Yet, once again their romance is interrupted, this time by family issues on each side.  Having come this far, Duke and Carmella know that compromise and discussion is the way to approach problems—even when it’s hard to talk about.  This time their love is what gives each of them strength to deal with separate family issues that could have torn them to pieces separately, but instead brings them back into each other’s arms.


Two neighbors who have spent years just watching each other finally explode into passion in Falling Under.  Carmella and Duke might seem like an unusual couple to some people, but those who know them know exactly how right they are for each other.  I knew that there would be a few rocky times just because both Duke and Carmella were such strong-willed people. Yet, that is one reason why I loved them, because they were so sure of who they were and what they wanted.  I loved watching Carmella and Duke fumbling a bit as they learned the rhythm of their romance and how their close friends backed them when it was needed.  I also loved seeing how their love allowed both Duke and Carmella to find that extra bit of strength they needed to deal with personal issues even when they were apart from each other. Duke and Carmella didn’t have a sun and roses type of romance but a believable one with ruts and bumps to go along with the passion and love. Falling Under is a real life romance—one that doesn’t depend on fairy tales but on the couple dealing with the everyday issues while finding their way to a deep and lasting love and a couple that will have you cheering for them to make it to the finish line.

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