Family and Reflection
by Anne Barwell

Series: The Sleepless City #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Werewolf shifter Lucas Coate chooses to remain estranged from his pack rather than turn his back on his vampire friends.  Even his father the pack Alpha disavows his son who was once expected to be the future Alpha.  Litter sister Anita does communicate with Lucas though never in public.  Feelings of distrust and hatred continue between the shifters and vampires.


It’s been ten years since the vampire Declan left Flint and nothing seems different.  The factions still hate each other and the Supernatural Council does nothing to promote change.  Soon after Declan returns someone begins stealing valuable objects from both sides.  It’s a little too convenient that valuables go missing when a professional thief is back in town.  Wait, there is one change for Declan.  Lucas has become his lover which further enrages the pack.  The thing is, they are genuinely attracted to each other and don’t bother with the politics.


Everything comes to a head when the Supernatural Council arrests Declan for crimes he did not commit.  In the meantime Lucas is torn between helping his lover and his sister who claims something or someone is causing miscarriages within the pack.


Their love has set in motion a variety of dangerous problems.  Lucas and Declan are innocent.  They didn’t cause any of the recent troubles, but they sure will end them.


Family and Reflection points a finger at racial division, paranormal style in The Sleepless City’s third book.  Lucas and Declan’s relationship rings true as does the rest of their little family.   Plot lines of miscarriage and thievery are cleverly interweaved with their romance.  This well laid out stand alone book’s only weak point is the lack of back story about the rest of their family who are instrumental in the climactic ending.  Nonetheless, Family and Reflection is a thrilling, chilling addition to this series.

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