FARREN’S WIZARD by Amber KellFarren's Wizard by Amber Kell
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound


Wizard school is stressful at the best of times for students.  Farren Azar has even more to be worried about in school because if anyone finds out that he is part djinn his life will be over. The djinn were banished to another plane by wizards long ago and Farren would be forced to join them if his secret was revealed.


With all his worries and concerns the one bright spot in Farren’s life is fellow wizard student Dan Stewartson.  One of an unusual set of triplet wizards Dan feels certain that the fire wizard is his one and only.  Dan believes that Farren shares his feeling of them belonging together, yet lately his lover has repeatedly cancelled or rescheduled dates.


Because stress makes Farren’s powers more difficult to control he is forced to find a safe, quiet place to purge some of his magical fire so that no one is hurt.  Putting off a purge proves to be the worst thing possible when Farren accidentally connects with a djinn.  This particular djinn is proof of why they were banished.   Farren has exams looming, a wonderful boyfriend who’s confused, and a scary djinn wanting to control him and the world.  This fire wizard/djinn is up to his eyeballs in trouble and grief with nowhere to turn until he’s willing to trust Dan with his secret.


The third exciting book in the fanciful A Wizard’s Touch series is here to enjoy.  Farren’s Wizard is an original with engaging characters and an imaginative plotline.  It is Farren’s Wizard Dan who is the focus of normalcy while everything else is spinning out of control in his life.  Offering heart, evil, suspense, and all the rest, Farren’s Wizard is a pure pleasure to read.

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