FATE UNDONE by Linsey Hall

FATE UNDONE by Linsey Hall
Fate Undone
by Linsey Hall

Series: The Mythean Arcana #5
Published by Bonnie Doon Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Logan Laufeyson, more commonly known as the God Loki, has been on the human world since his actions got him kicked out of his home world. For the most part, he has enjoyed his interactions with the humans.  But for these many years, Loki has been trying to track down and destroy a prison that he learned was being built to lock up and hold all the gods in.  Loki has no intention of being locked up in any prison if he can help it.  Finally, he has a clue as to where the prison is, and now he just needs to find the way to destroy it before it can be completed.


Sylvi is a demi goddess who was kicked out of her home world because of her love for Loki, which saved him, but left her with nothing but ashes and a need to begin anew.  Sylvi finally ended up at the University and has helped them keep both the humans and the Mythean safe.  Sylvi has worked hard to forget the heartache that made the change in her life necessary.  That is, until Loki suddenly shows up on her doorstep, once again hurt and needing her help.  Sylvi at first wants nothing to do with him, yet she can’t help her inner need to help Loki once again.


Loki and Sylvi begin a leery partnership to discover just what or who is behind this prison meant to keep the gods all within its walls.  The hunt is dangerous at every turn and only Loki and Sylvi, with the help of their friends, are able to follow the many clues as to who is behind the structure and, more importantly, how to destroy it.  During this time, Sylvi is having problems denying her love for Loki, which has not only not diminished during their many, many years apart, but has only grown stronger.  As the clues come together, Loki and Sylvi have determined the only way to get rid of the prison, and it will threaten not only their lives, but their love once again, and this time it might be forever lost.


On the human world, a battle will be raged to protect the gods from a threat against them, and two lost lovers will be the only ones who can overcome it in Fate Undone.  Loki has much to account for, but the worst of it is what he did to the demi goddess who dared to love him.  Sylvi has spent the centuries since Loki left her in coming to terms with her reality and making a new place for herself.  I was amazed at how Sylvi even gave Loki a chance this time, and yet I could see that Loki really did love her. I enjoyed watching as Loki and Sylvi battled to defeat those that would take control of the gods and demi gods and maybe, just maybe have a second chance at their love made an interesting journey.  I loved how both Loki and Sylvi risked everything, including themselves, in order to protect the other.  In the end, it really was love that gave them that second chance.  Fate Undone is full of intrigue and passion, with the best touches of suspense and true friendships included.

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