FERAL DUST BUNNIES by Angel Martinez

FERAL DUST BUNNIES by Angel MartinezFeral Dust Bunnies by Angel Martinez
Series: Off Beat Crimes #4
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The Seventy-Seventh Precinct is well known throughout the city for the special cases they are sent to cover.  They deal with the ‘freaky-deeky’ cases and, the officers and detectives themselves are just as unique.


For instance, Officer Alex Wolf was born an actual wolf, not a werewolf, a wolf.  His partner at the precinct is Krisk, a lizard-man for lack of a better description.  Sent on patrol they find small animals in an alleyway who seem to be mummified.  They aren’t sure what is causing this and call out Animal Control Officer Jason Shen for backup on the case.


Up until now Wolf hasn’t had much luck in the romance department.  His lack of understanding certain human nuances always causes problems.  But every time he’s around ACO Shen it’s hard to concentrate.  Jason really smells good.  The question is whether to try and possibly get his heart broken again or just ignore the wonderful scent the ACO gives off.


Patrolling the streets Wolf and Krisk come across yet another mummified animal.  This time it’s a cat who looks like something from the pyramids, but somehow a tiny kitten managed to survive and she’s latched onto Wolf with all her might.  Calling out ACO Shen once more gives Wolf the courage to ask him out, to take another chance on love.

And they’ve got to figure out what or who is causing these mummies before it begins to affect humans.  One thing is certain, there’s never a dull moment at the 77th.


The latest offering from the Off Beat Crimes series brings another oddball case to light in Feral Dust Bunnies.  At the same time a sweet and sexy romance blossoms between an unusual Officer and an ACO.  As with the previous books in this series, Feral Dust Bunnies has a quirky layer and a slightly spooky flavor.  Best of all there are feisty, unique characters who make the plotline absolutely riveting.   Readers will thoroughly enjoy this original tale.

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