FIRE AND RAIN by Andrew Grey

FIRE AND RAIN by Andrew GreyFire and Rain by Andrew Grey
Series: Carlisle Cops #3
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Small town Carlisle, Pennsylvania doesn’t have the same problems as a big city, but Officer Kip Rogers has seen his share of the best and the worst of people on the job.  Patrolling one late, rainy night Kip comes across a young man and a little boy huddled in a storefront doorway.  Moving them along is the job though it bothers him.  It’s not long before he bumps into Josten Applewhite and his four year old brother Isaac again, only now they are definitely in need of his help.  This time his conscience pushes Kip into taking that extra step.


Until recently Jos has managed to take care of Isaac after their mother’s death, but a run of bad luck snowballed into the pair becoming homeless.  Without a break of some kind they’ll never make it.  All the shelters in town are full so Kip offers to let them stay at his home.  Between Kip and his friends they know what hardships life can dish out.  It’s time to pass on a helping hand and everyone the officer knows is willing to help.  Besides, the more Kip gets to know Jos the more he admires his grit and determination.  Too bad someone else from the past would rather let the brothers hit rock bottom.


Fire and Rain, a heartbreaking tale where compassion is the clear answer.  The brothers have realistic difficulties and convincing hardships, Kip becomes their knight in shining armor.  Perhaps reality isn’t as kind, but Kip and Jos make this plotline work.  Characters from previous stories in the series make an appearance which enhances the Carlisle Cops third book.  Through and through Fire and Rain takes it’s time and delivers a satisfying, compelling story.

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