FIREBIRD by Pelaam

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FIREBIRD by PelaamFirebird by Pelaam
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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From the day he was taken from his hometown and brought to the city, Palace Scribe Cassian has done everything possible to keep a low profile.  Cassian does not want to be brought to the attention of either King Marius the Magnificent or his Head of Security Phrixus.  To garner their favor is not desirable as far as Cassian is concerned since both men are without conscience – cruel and vicious.


Whenever possible Cassian uses his free time to go camping in the nearby forest, where he can enjoy the majestic scenery and the solitude.  Unfortunately his love of camping backfires because the King and Phrixus know of his trips to the mountains and intend to send him there as bait to catch an elusive firebird.


With no way to avoid the King’s command Cassian journeys into the forest never realizing that the creature he is tasked to ensnare is an intelligent being from another world.  Meeting the firebird, Arturri changes everything.   Saving Arturri from the King and Phrixus is all that matters, but how?


Firebird embarks on a fanciful, sensual journey with intense drama along the way.  Clever twists and turns add excitement to this tale as well.  More than it seems at the start, Firebird is a romantic, exhilarating adventure.


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