FIRESTARTER by Elle BoonFirestarter by Elle Boon
Series: SmokeJumpers #1
Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
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At the age of twelve when he rescued her from a tree, Cammie Masters vowed that one day Keanu Raine would be hers.  Years later when Keanu returns to town, Cammie is even more determined to stake her claim.


Keanu Raine is a member of an elite firefighter unit called the Smoke Jumpers.  Keanu also has the capability to blow out a fire, produce flames, and take them back into his body.  At the request of his grandfather, Keanu returns home to uncover who has been deliberately starting deadly fires.  Keanu gains more than he bargains for when he runs into a hot little red-haired beauty who instantly steals his heart.


Now, the killer has set his sights on Cammie, will Keanu be able to stop him before he claims Cammie as his next victim?


FireStarter is breathtaking novel filled with thrilling suspense, a host of magical elemental abilities, a blazing hot romance, and some very dangerous twists and turns that will eagerly have you turning page after page to see just how the plot will unfold.  Keanu is a handsome Native American stud who displays an alpha-like persona to the core.  Cammie is a strong-willed, fierce, and witty heroine who keeps Keanu on his toes.  I so love when the leading female is equally matched to her male counterpart.  It makes for some intriguing dialogues and blistering sexual encounters.  The couple’s courtship is swift and passionate with several comical undertones, which adds a spicy mixture to the suspenseful storyline.  All in all, a very good read.


FireStarter is book one in Elle Boon’s SmokeJumpers series and what a dynamic start.  I cannot wait to see what Ms. Boon has in store for her next installment.

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