FIRST OMEGA by Rebecca James

FIRST OMEGA by Rebecca JamesFirst Omega by Rebecca James
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by JMS Books LLC

In an effort to calm the discord between the human race in the cities and the werewolf packs of the forest Josiah Kimbrel agrees to spend time with the River Wolf pack.  The human is surprised to witness how civilized and family oriented they actually are, not the rabid beasts most humans believe them to be.


Josiah chooses to ignore the attraction he feels towards Alpha River until something bizarre happens which strips away all pretense of humanity.  All of a sudden Josiah goes into heat and the only one who can control his beast is River.  The only one who can sooth his soul.


Everything is in turmoil now because their ambassador is no longer the human they sent to the pack.  The Congress won’t understand what’s happened nor will they attempt to ever accept Josiah again.  The conflict has suddenly become worse than ever and Josiah is caught in the middle.


Fascinating twists take readers on a wild ride in First Omega.  Emotional highs and lows run rampant in this sensual page turner. First Omega skillfully blends engaging characters dealing with fundament issues of bigotry.  Add to that, scorching hot scenes between Josiah and River light up their romance.  Surprising twists also adds depth to the storyline.  Totally hot and entertaining.

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