Flirting with Sin
by Naima Simone

Series: A Noble Pass Affaire
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Aristotle “Ari” Sincero, is a mega rock star on a path to self-destruction.  Since the devastating death of his beloved girlfriend three years prior, Ari has been on a downward spiral filled with internal guilt.  Almost at the point of no return, Ari decides to escape it all by taking a vacation where no one would expect the lead singer of the most famous rock band to be.


Neveah Morgan is coerced by her twin sister into vacationing in Noble Pass, Colorado as a winner of a contest that she entered under Neveah’s name as a way to get her life back on track after ending a bad relationship.  Now, Neveah is stuck in a hotel for a week with an unknown male co-winner.  Neveah’s plan is to greet him and then avoid him as much as possible.  That is until she discovers that her roommate is none other than her all-time favorite rock icon Ari Sincero.


With both running away from the agonies of their past, will either be willing to open their hearts to the new possibility of love?


I found Flirting with Sin to be an awesome read.  There are some heartfelt moments, passion-filled instants, and laughable minutes that all come together to formulate a spectacular page turner.  I simply could not put this book down.  Neveah and Ari are two people who truly deserve a second chance at love especially since each feels so unworthy of it and is emotionally damaged for various reasons.  The chemistry between Neveah and Ari is intensely hot and their impassioned sexual encounters will have you breathless and fanning your face with heated desire.  This is definitely one couple that you will unquestionably root for with hopes of a having a very happy ending.

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