FLUX by Kim Fielding

FLUX by Kim FieldingFlux by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Fleeing for their lives Ennek, the ruling Chief’s second son and Miner, a traitor released from Statis, are crossing the seas aboard the Eclipse bound for a foreign coastline.  With his newly discovered wizard powers Ennek is having the time of his life, especially since he has an affinity for water.  Frozen in Statis for centuries Miner chooses to stay in their cabin, avoiding the water as much as possible, while also hiding the collar around his neck proclaiming him a slave.


During the voyage the Eclipse is attacked by pirates.  Forcibly parted Ennek and Miner believe the worst.  But it soon becomes clear that destiny is not done with the lovers.  As they weigh their options between one fateful decision and another Ennek and Miner draw closer.  If they manage to survive each trial their love will know no bounds.


Book two in the intense Ennek Trilogy pull the heartstrings tight.  Flux challenges the lovers – emotionally and physically.  Deliciously addictive Ennek and Miner’s deep soul stirring love shines through, even when they are frustrated with each other.  Flux guides the reader into their romance and doesn’t let go.

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