FOR A DRAGON’S HEALING by Charlie Richards

FOR A DRAGON’S HEALING by Charlie Richards
For A Dragon's Healing
by Charlie Richards

Series: Highland Dragons #6
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

It’s an eye opening experience for Achaius McCord to be living amongst dragons in Karstelle Valley.  The McCord family fled to the valley when their chieftain planned to send Achaius’s daughter to another clan rather than allow her to marry the young man she’d always loved.  His son Ross found love in the valley with the dragon Ziethman, which made settling there the right thing to do.  It seems the entire McCord family is what the dragons call an asda, a human capable of bonding with a dragon.


Suffering with a crippling thigh injury from long ago, Achaius spends his days getting used to his new home and surroundings.  He’s also fending off well meaning family and several dragons from fussing over him.  Their actions unwittingly remind Achaius of his limitations making him feel less than a whole man.


In an attempt to avoid well meaning family and dragons intent on spending time with him Achaius takes a long, slow walk in the valley.  Coming across a horse barn he meets Curzon, a half dragon, half human hybrid who puts the human to work. For the first time in a long time Achaius feels as though he has purpose.


His growing interest in Curzon appears to be reciprocated, but ignorance of dragon customs lands both of them in trouble.  Achaius is unaware that the visitors he’s been avoiding were courting him while he’s been falling in love with the wrong man.


The difficulty of a handicap is respectfully explored in For a Dragon’s Healing.  Book six in the popular Highland Dragons series pits a middle aged crippled human against a well meaning family and new friends which result in an unexpected romance.  Achaius proves his worth with Curzon in his corner.  A truly enjoyable tale with likeable characters and a good amount of trouble, For a Dragon’s Healing delivers on all counts.


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