FOR A DRAGON’S TOUCH by Charlie Richards

FOR A DRAGON’S TOUCH by Charlie Richards
For A Dragon's Touch
by Charlie Richards

Series: Highland Dragons #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Hearing rumors of a dragon on the rampage Chieftain Goth sends second son Ian MacGree north to verify or denounce the charge.  Along the way Ian meets up with Roark of Droke who claims to be a dragon hunter. 

Ian believes the hunt a waste of time though he doesn’t mind too much since it delays his nuptials to Agatha Allanach, a spoiled bitch from a neighboring clan.  Imagine his surprise when he and Roark come across a dragon munching on a ewe.  What is more fantastic, Roark suddenly turns into a dragon as well and battles the other into submission.

Because Ian knows their secret he is taken to the hidden valley dragon shifters call home to discuss the matter.  The human is also told he’s an Asda, someone able to bond with a dragon.  The passion between Roark and Ian is immediate and electric.  Ian wants at least one night to remember before going back home to a cold woman and responsibilities.  Roark wants a lifetime.  Surely there’s a middle ground?

Another Charlie Richards story invents a new, exciting world of man and beast, a well penned blend of action, drama, and sensuality.  For a Dragon’s Touch brings the Highlands to life where brawny men and mighty dragons exist.  Ian and Roark are both willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the good of the other.  For a Dragon’s Touch comes out of the valley roaring.  Great start.

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