FORBIDDEN WATERS by L. M. BrownForbidden Waters by L. M. Brown
Series: Mermen and Magic #1
Genres: Menage, MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


The clans of the mer people grow smaller with each passing year.  Plagued by predatory sharks they continue to lose their numbers.  Recently the clan Kyle was born into lost their leader, Kyle’s father, as he protected their young.


The only certainty of safety was in Atlantis where the largest clan of mer live under the rule of King Nereus and Queen Coral.  Kyle’s clan hesitated in joining because of the strict rules of mating.  Same sex mating is forbidden in Atlantis, which means that Kyle would never find love.


The decision is made to join with Atlantis for survival.  Kyle has resigned himself to a loveless life until he is assigned to guard the royal heir, Prince Finn.  This will ultimately be a no-win situation because if Kyle and Finn are caught the price will be banishment from the ocean, forever.


Above the ocean depths in England it’s been close to a year since Jake Seabrook left the small seaside village he called home.  In the dark of night he left everything behind after declaring his feelings to Alex Mitchell, his best friend.  Jake’s love was not reciprocated as Alex loves Summer.  Bumming around Europe for so many months Jake is finally ready to come home depending on the reception he gets.  Mending fences won’t be easy.


Fate or the will of the gods is about to bring several unlikely young men together.


Forbidden Waters is an exciting blend of fantasy and mundane relationships.  The first book in the Merman & Magic series mixes eroticism with heart and soul.  A large cast of well drawn characters emerges within the cleverly crafted tale.  The complex connection between the mer people and the humans offers the perfect escapism storyline.  Headstrong characters with genuine issues make for an addictive read in Forbidden Waters.  This is just the beginning for a true adventure.

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