FORGED by Jacquelyn Frank

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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FORGED by Jacquelyn FrankForged by Jacquelyn Frank
Series: Nightwalkers #4
Published by Ballantine Books on 2014-04-29
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

From New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank comes a seductive new paranormal romance set in the World of the Nightwalkers, as a battle-scarred bodyguard and a sensitive beauty risk their lives—and their hearts—in the face of evil.   When Katrina Haynes discovers a large man lying wounded in the snow, she fears he is at death’s door. But as Kat tends to his injuries, she quickly realizes that they’re the least of her worries. With an irresistible Scottish brogue and a strange ability to harden his chiseled body like a statue, the stranger awakens a desire she is unable to resist—and a fascination about the intriguing world he exists in.   As a proud Gargoyle, Ahnvil must safeguard the Nightwalker to whom he’s sworn fealty. But as this bewitching woman nurses him back to health, arousing an almost uncontrollable hunger within him, he is possessed with the fierce impulse to protect her as well. And he will have to shield her—for by coming to his rescue, Kat has placed herself in the middle of a supernatural war . . . and exposed herself to dark, powerful magic. As human and Gargoyle forge an unbreakable bond, Kat will discover that despite his intimidating strength and size, one thing Ahnvil does not possess is a heart of stone.

Ahnvil is a gargoyle who was made by one of the Templars, Kamen, and his entire purpose was to do the dirty work for them.  For years and years, Ahnvil plotted on how to get away and then one day finally succeeded.  Ahnvil finally arrived and has lived and helped the Politics for many years now.  But recently his worst hated person has come to live in the same house – Kamen.  In a moment of frustration, Ahnvil found himself once again captured and tortured by a Templar.  This time Ahnvil was going to do more than escape again – he was going to take information with him. When the time came to escape, Ahnvil was able to grab a necklace that seemed to be the answer to many questions if they could figure out what its powers are.


Katrina Haynes couldn’t believe her eyes when she came across a seriously injured man on her property.  Kat dragged him into her home and was determined to help him survive his injuries.  But as the days go by and he finally wakes up, Kat soon realizes that he is much more than a sexy injured man.  Okay a sexy Scottish man if his voice is anything to go by and one that Kat would love a chance to learn more about.  When Kat finds a beautiful necklace in Ahnvil’s things, she can’t resist just trying it on, but what should have been a quick thing becomes a life changing event when suddenly she is doing things that have never happened before but it seems that the necklace really likes her and is determined to stay.


Ahnvil needs help to find out what the necklace is doing to Kat and at the same time they both are trying to come to terms with the passion that has sprung up between them.  Kat knows she has entered a new world once she arrives at the Politics house and is suddenly surrounded by many entities that she never believed existed alongside humans.  While both Ahnvil and Kat try to find the answers about the powers of the necklace, it seems like there is a push / pull thing going on between them and their personal lives.  When the danger threatens Kat, Ahnvil will risk everything he has to save her, even working with Kamen, but it seems like there is something very “other” in Kat’s background and that might be the ultimate force that will save the day.  Once everyone is safe, can Kat and Ahnvil finally bridge the distance between them to fulfill the chance for love that is right within their grasp.


Evil and danger stalk two people on the path to love in Forged.  Kat and Ahnvil seemed to have so much against their coming together and only one thing in favor of it – love.  I could understand just how hard it was for Ahnvil to come to grips that the man he hated beyond all reason was now supposedly an ally.  I found that the paths that both Ahnvil and Kat had to walk were difficult ones, but I think that Kat’s was the hardest one, and yet it seemed to me that with Ahnvil by her side nothing would keep her down.  I was very surprised by the hidden history that showed up in Kat and I cheered for it because it meant that the love between Ahnvil and Kat would have a chance if they could just get on the same page.   The thing I really loved besides Kat and Ahnvil is that the glimmer of worlds coming together was started as part of Kat and Ahnvil’s journey.  I can’t wait to see what the next books bring.  Forged is a gripping book filled with suspense, mystery and best of all – red hot passion.  Just settle down in a comfy seat and have a cold drink when you start because you might not want to get up anytime soon.

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