FRACTURED by Ellen Cross

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FRACTURED by Ellen CrossFractured by Ellen Cross
Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The guardians have been singled out to fight the shadowkin whose sole purpose is to cause death and destruction.  Intel gathered let the guardians know that Denzel, a dark elf is the shadowkin leader bent on twisting life to his evil will.  Davis Briggs, a black cougar shifter is a guardian determined to save and protect all life.  His nickname of Supercat is embarrassing though valid because no matter the injury he heals incredibly fast and rarely scars.


In the year and a half since the guardians were formed Davis has noticed a small figure consistently watching him from the nearby woods. He’s tried to make contact but so far he’s had no luck.  When rumors of shadowkin attacking a group of sprites are overheard the guardians gear up for a rescue.  The mission doesn’t go quite the way they expect. It’s a trap and Denzel is there intent on destroying the guardians.  As the battle escalates Davis meets his shadow for the first time, a young vampire named Rowan.  Before the night ends Davis and Rowan will have the opportunity to save each other, as mates.


Shocking truths come to light in Fractured, the provoking third story in the Preternatural Rescue Centre series.  Davis and Rowan’s challenging romance is powerful and heartwarming.  Readers are willingly drawn further into the dangerous world of the guardians and their mates.  Enjoy Fractured for the spirited and tender love story that it is.

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