The French War Bride
by Robin Wells

Series: Wedding Tree
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher


Amelie O’Connor is 93 and living in an assisted living center when she gets a surprise. She receives a visitor she never expected, the ex-fiancé of her late husband. Amelie was a “war bride” who came back with Jack from France, even though he was already engaged to Kat. After all these years, Kat finally wants the truth about what happened with Amelie and Jack. Amelie finally tells Kat the truth of what happened during the horrendous years of World War 2 when the Nazi’s occupied France and how she and Jack fell in love.


I have to admit, this review for The French War Bride was hard to write but not as conflicting as book was to read.  I both liked and disliked Amelie at different times.  I couldn’t quite warm up to her relationship with Jack due to her constant deception. I could understand the reason why she was deceptive.  However, I was also left feeling as though the author had made Kat a thoroughly unlikable person to justify Jack and Amelie’s actions.  While having given both Jack and Amelie shades of gray, the author seemed to make Kat a one- dimensional character.  I’ve read many books by Robin Wells and truly enjoyed them so I have to admit I was shocked to find myself so dissatisfied with this one.  But I think there will be those for who this book hits the right spot but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

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