FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE by Rachael Thomas

FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE by Rachael Thomas
From One Night to Wife
by Rachael Thomas

Published by Harlequin Mills & Boon, Limited Genres: Contemporary
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Journalist, Serena James, had one night with a man that she believed she was falling in love with.  However, after their passionate evening on the beach, Nikos’ parting words broke her heart.  Three months later, Serena has to be responsible enough to enlighten her heartbreaking fisherman, Nikos, to his impending fatherhood status.  Before embarking upon her journey, she discovers a truth about Nikos, and she is soon reeling from another gut punch given by the man she thought she could love forever.


Shipping empire owner, Nikos Petrakis, knows not to trust the media, and hearing from his former lover three months later sets off alarm bells.  Nikos is involved in a very important business deal that can’t be disrupted, and Serena touched emotions and desires in him that he would rather keep boxed up.  Leary of her motives, Nikos agrees to meet with Serena despite his misgivings.  Hearing her news, Nikos sees one alternative, but getting Serena to agree could be the hardest deal for him to push through.

From One Night to Wife had me flipping from one protagonist’s side to the other, which made the story enjoyable.  Nikos’ side was well thought out and carefully crafted to make the reader sympathize for him.  Serena, because she is the heroine, tends to get a bit more sympathy in From One Night to Wife than the hero…generally.  However, with her constant thoughts of another, I could definitely see how Nikos arrived at some of the conclusions that he did early on.  I did too!  Well done to Ms. Thomas on that score.

As From One Night to Wife continued on, the reader saw how Nikos and Serena learned to lean on one another and open themselves up to being hurt, exposing their vulnerabilities and deep seeded pain from their pasts.  Serena and Nikos’ pasts seemed to be different sides of the same coin in From One Night to Wife, and this helped to draw them together as well.

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