FULL MOON DELTA by Jackie Nacht

FULL MOON DELTA by Jackie NachtFull Moon Delta by Jackie Nacht
Series: Moon Compound #6
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


Of all the wolf packs in the area twins Sascha and Cass grew up in the absolute worst for brutality and intolerance.  What the other packs didn’t know was that the alpha had made a pact with their enemy, the Hellhounds.  Cass was forced to work for them in order to protect Sascha, their younger brother and the children of the pack.  When Cass had to leave for Moon Compound prior to his shifter change Sascha was left alone and vulnerable.


Ready to accept death rather than live through another beating Sascha is saved when the guards from Moon Compound rescue him.  Ironically it is his future mate Malach who arrives on the scene at the right time.


Fate graces Malach with a second mate in Sascha.  Losing his first mate almost destroyed him.  This time he will ensure that his mate survives, though it’s plain to see with all his scars that Sascha’s already lived through hell.  Malach’s abused mate will need to learn that live is worth fighting for.


Pain and anguish.  A complicated existence.  Full Moon Delta stacks the deck against Sascha and Malach.  They prove their strength in this dark tale.  The sixth installment in the Moon Compound series is chock full of complex emotional turmoil.  Their story is a tribute to overcoming a tragic past.  A bold drama, Full Moon Delta excels at telling a different kind of love story.

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