FULL MOON GAMMA by Jackie Nacht

FULL MOON GAMMA by Jackie Nacht
Full Moon Gamma
by Jackie Nacht

Series: Moon Compound #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Erotic, Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Several months ago Peyton almost died after an attack by hellhounds.  His brother Colin and Rayce, a guard from the Moon Compound, come to his rescue, though at the end of the day the brothers are the only survivors of their pack.


It takes months for Peyton to heal and get back on his feet though Rayce has a lot to do with Peyton’s recovery, especially as they are mates.  It will be a while however before they are truly mated as the younger were has yet to shift for the first time.


Rayce and his team are sent on a recon mission and Peyton insists on following, instinct telling him that the team is in mortal danger.  Too bad no one would listen to the pre-shifter – it would have saved a whole world of hurt, for everyone involved.


The Moon Compound series just keeps getting better and better with every book.  Full Moon Gamma delves into the dark side of hatred from strangers and those who grow closer.  Physical trauma to the characters along with exploring the emotional ties that bind in friendship and more are wrapped up in the traumatic Full Moon Gamma.  These characters go to hell and back.

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