FULL MOON TORN by Jackie Nacht

FULL MOON TORN by Jackie Nacht
Full Moon Torn
by Jackie Nacht

Series: Moon Compound #5
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Knox and Whitley are mates.  Fate however keeps putting roadblocks in the path of their bonding.  And because they haven’t completely bonded they are suffering greatly.


The situation reaches a crisis point when Whitley visits his pack and they are savagely attacked by Hellhounds bent on destruction.  The pack looses their Alpha, Whitley’s father and many others.  At the same time back at the Compound Knox is losing an internal battle with his wolf, becoming feral.


If they complete their bond now Whitley will be cursed with his mate’s feral blood.  If he doesn’t accept, Knox will never know freedom.  The sacrifice is great, if Whitley agrees.


The next chapter in this intense series unfolds in Full Moon Torn.  Knox and Whitley are given a cruel decision to make after being torn apart by fate.  Dealing with one disaster after another the characters accept their limitations and triumph.   What happens next in the Moon Compound series is anyone’s guess but it’s always exciting.

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