THE GARGOYLES RUNNING BACK by Charlie RichardsThe Gargoyles Running Back by Charlie Richards
Series: A Paranormal's Love #17
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

At a hundred and thirty the gargoyle Sumak is ready to leave kitchen chores behind and become a guard at the mansion his clutch calls home.  Granted the opportunity by Chieftain Maelgwn the young gargoyle is walking the perimeter of the estate when he spies a human jogging on a trail. Sumak is almost overcome with desire when the jogger’s scent hits him.  The gargoyle has found his mate, yet Sumak knows it’s absolutely the wrong time to explain their relationship.  The most he can do is help the human with his car trouble in a roundabout way.


Unable to introduce himself while in gargoyle form Sumak at least is able to memorize the human’s license plate.  He realizes the fates are indeed watching over him because Sumak’s mate is Andre Capston, whose estranged brother Mace is mated to another gargoyle at the mansion.


Before the gargoyle can figure out a way to meet his mate Andre has talked his two best friends and college roommates into spying on the estate and look for his strangely dressed late night helper.  What the three humans see is something they never expect.  Explanations are definitely in order – once they calm down.


This humorous storyline is a great addition to the A Paranormal’s Love series.  Readers will be tickled with The Gargoyle’s Running Back from start to finish.  Engaging characters easily draw the reader into their bumpy and entertaining romance.  Embrace Sumak and Andre as they work their way towards a happy mating.  Love doesn’t tend to be easy, but definitely worth the effort in the long run as Sumak and his mate discover in The Gargoyle’s Running Back.

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