General Misconduct
by L. A. Witt

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Cassie

After being attacked at a gay bar, Ensign Aiden Lange is advised to take a hike and pretend he fell on the rocks. To protect his career, Aiden takes a trip to Hiji Falls. The trip turns out to be a good decision for more reasons than one. At the end of the trail, he meets sexy Connor, who’s come for a swim. The attraction is instant, and before he knows it, Aiden is going to dinner with the younger man. Okinawa is too small to really keep secrets though, especially for a Navy man, and seeing Connor while keeping his career on track is going to be a challenge.


Connor didn’t expect to meet someone at the falls, but something about Aiden gets to him. It’s not long before he’s falling for the sweet officer. Too bad Connor’s keeping a huge secret…his father is not only an officer, but Aiden’s boss. Can their relationship survive once they’re found out?


General Misconduct is a sweet tale of two guys who have a ton of roadblocks in their way, yet they fall in love anyway. Both Aiden and Connor are good guys. Aiden is ambitious and focused, just embarking on a career he enjoys. Despite the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he wants to keep his sexuality under wraps. Being in a strange place is lonely, however, and his tentative foray to a gay bar results in him getting beat up by an aggressive Marine. Fortunately for him, his attempt to cover up the reason for his injuries leads to meeting Connor.


Connor is in college and stuck living under his father’s roof for the forseeable future. Living with his mother in the States isn’t an option, so he has to go by his father’s rules. Unfortunately they include not dating any military guys on the island, that leaves him with pretty much no options. Meeting Aiden is unexpected and wonderful. Even after they’re discovered, Connor is in deep enough to want to keep seeing Aiden, and Aiden seems to feel the same. Of course, the path to true love is not a smooth one…


I really enjoyed the way LA Witt builds the relationship between these two men in General Misconduct. Sure, the guys have sex, a lot, but Aiden genuinely wants to get to know Connor. They’re both willing to risk the wrath of Connor’s father to keep seeing each other. That is a dangerous proposition for Aiden, especially. Another great thing was the way Connor’s dad was portrayed. He’s overprotective and controlling, but he’s not a homophobic creep. His reasons are actually understandable. I also liked the glimpse into how things are going for the guys in Conduct Unbecoming.


Like military guys, risky affairs, and lots of emotion? General Misconduct will fit the bill very nicely. Just be sure to read Conduct Unbecoming first. It’s not strictly necessary, but the first book is well worth reading, and you can avoid little spoilers.

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