GETTING DIRTY WITH THE CEO by Mia SosaGetting Dirty With the CEO by Mia Sosa
Series: Suits Undone #3
Genres: Contemporary
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Published by Forever


When I first started The Suits Undone series I knew it would be a different kind of CEO type of book. These three CEOs may be rich but they are the most down to earth guys I have ever read about. Getting Dirty with the CEO is the third book in a wonderfully developed series that follows CEO Daniel Vargas and Publicist Mimi Pennington. If you haven’t read the previous books that’s okay because in Getting Dirty with the CEO Mimi gives Daniel a run for his money and sometimes literally.


Ever since Mimi met Daniel she lumped him in the same category as her father: arrogant, charming, and knows how to push her buttons like no one else can. Is he good looking? Absolutely, but after he rejected her in Puerto Rico she will never give him another chance. Now back home Mimi is up for a promotion to become partner, but in order for that to happen she must land Daniel’s company as an account. Things get more interesting because the attraction and need still sizzles between them but if Mimi gives into her desires she might lose everything that she has worked so hard for, but is Daniel worth the risk?


Daniel Vargas was intrigued by the spitfire known as Mimi since he first laid eyes on the beautiful blond. She’s funny, intelligent and has a smart mouth that he has to be ready for at all times. He didn’t purposely reject Mimi in Puerto Rico, he just wants more from her than one night and a notch on her bed post. Daniel promises that when she finally comes to him it will be worth it but since they have been back Mimi has been keeping her distance until Daniel bids on her package for charity and now all bets are off. He will take ten hours of Mimi’s time and try to win the one woman who he knows is perfect for him, but will he be able to keep her?


For me, Getting Dirty with the CEO was the best book in this series because it was Mimi’s story. From the very moment she was introduced I liked her. She was open, blunt, and funny. She had barbs for everything and she made Getting Dirty with the CEO entertaining and one story I didn’t want to end. Daniel was sweeter then I was expecting him to be. He saw through Mimi’s façade, called her out on her bullshit, and gave her shit right back. Daniel was her perfect partner and Mimi needed that. I loved the banter, jokes and especially the chemistry these two threw back and forth.


One of my favorite scenes in this story is when Mimi tricks Daniel into crashing a party only to find out it’s a bachelorette party. I couldn’t stop laughing and wishing I was there just to see how Daniel actually reacted. While the descriptions were good this was a moment I wished I was Mary Poppins and could jump into a book.


Mia Sosa also covered the topic of sexism in the work place and while I’m sure it happens every day somewhere around the world, it was a nice change of topics that I haven’t read about, if ever, in a romance. I didn’t feel bad for Mimi because she just seemed like one of those people that you knock down who will get right back up and hit you were it hurts. I applaud her for taking a stand and showing those people that she could be blond and beautiful but she can damn sure get the job done so I actually found her empowering.


The only issue I really had with this story was the ending. I found it ended more abruptly then I would have liked. Daniel and Mimi still had some things to get past and work on but then it ended and had me wondering if in fact they would work out. Regardless of the ending I really enjoyed Getting Dirty with the CEO. If you’re looking for a fun read that is sexy, sweet and funny I would suggest checking out this story.

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