THE GIRL FROM SUMMER HILL by Jude DeverauxThe Girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Ballantine Books


Chef Casey Reddick had finished with men!  Seeking some peace and quiet she believes she has found the means to make a fresh start in the small town of Summer Hill.  However, her world is upended when she spies a man believing he has found a refuge from his hectic life and is enjoying a moment of solitude with no idea of what is really going on.

Tate Landers, the newest Hollywood hunk, doesn’t exactly act sweet and leading man material to Casey when he discovers what she has been up to.  But who wouldn’t react that way when they are used to the paparazzi staking them out all the time?  Soon, these two are forced to work in close proximity for the betterment of the town, if you will, and sparks are flying!  Then a little handsome devil shows up to toss some water and horrifying tales out for Tate and Casey that just might dampen their ardor.

The Girl from Summer Hill started out with such promise from Casey and Tate’s first meeting, but soon it puttered out as Casey continually annoyed me with the oversized chip on her shoulder.  I understood why Tate reacted the way he did in The Girl from Summer Hill, but I just couldn’t get behind Casey and her stance!

Casey completely buying the “water” that was tossed about in regards to Tate also annoyed me because I felt that she should have been more savvy after some of the things tossed her way in The Girl from Summer Hill.  This may have been a retooling of a classic novel, but I just didn’t feel intrigued enough to get on board the Tate/Casey wagon.

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