GIVING CHASE by Lauren Dane

GIVING CHASE by Lauren DaneGiving Chase by Lauren Dane
Series: Chase Brothers #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Carina Press


Maggie has always been the overlooked Wright sister.  All through high school and beyond, her beautiful sister had overshadowed her, making her feel invisible.  She’s stunned when Sheriff Shane Chase, one of the four gorgeous Chase brothers, takes an interest in her and asks her out.  But Shane has issues from the devastating blow dealt to him by his ex-fiancé, so when he realizes that Maggie is someone he could come to truly care for he dumps her as quickly and as coldly as he can manage.  Shane’s mistake is just the opportunity his brother Kyle has been waiting for.  When Kyle realizes that Shane is not going to apologize or try to make things right with Maggie, he quickly seizes his chance.  He has wanted Maggie from the start but had been willing to step aside because he thought that Maggie would be what Shane’s wounded heart needed.  Now that Shane’s messed up, he’s decided to go after what he’s wanted.  Maggie’s hesitant to go out with Shane’s brother, not to mention a little shocked that another Chase brother is interested in her but decides to give him a chance.  As time passes Maggie discovers that she was dating the wrong Chase brother the first time around.  Maggie and Kyle’s relationship deepens and they begin to fall in love.  But another man is obsessed with Maggie and his anger has slowly built from watching her date Shane and when he sees that she and Kyle are getting serious, his rage explodes.  Can Kyle protect the woman he’s come to love?
I’ve long been a fan of Lauren Dane, grabbing whatever she writes as quickly as I can.  In my opinion Giving Chase has to be the absolute best book she has ever written.  Maggie is a heroine who is spunky and independent while Kyle is just the kind of to-die-for hero that I love to read about.  Lauren Dane has crafted not only the sensuous passion between them, but also the deepening emotional bonds, in such a way that I became enthralled.  Add to this the knowledge that each of Kyle’s three yummy brothers are slated to have books of their own and Giving Chase is a book that should be on the top of every romance lovers list.

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