GOLD SHIMMER by P. T. Michelle

GOLD SHIMMER by P. T. Michelle
Gold Shimmer
by P. T. Michelle

Series: In the Shadows #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Cass Rockwell could be the twin of a wealthy high society girl she has gone to school with.  Well, a twin from the other side of the tracks.  Cass has always seemed to be in Celeste’s shadow, so when in college, Cass decides to turn the tables and become Celeste at a party.  During that party, Cass meets, and is attracted to, one of the family members.  For once in his arms, Cass wishes that she could come clean and tell him just who she really was.  Yet, when the night is over, Cass leaves knowing that instead of causing Celeste some mischief, she might have put a great guy into her arms.


Calder Blake believed that the girl he made out with at a party years ago was Celeste. Then he left to go back to the Marines.  Now, a few years later, Calder knows who that woman wasn’t, but he isn’t sure who she was.  That is, until he meets her again, and once again, she is pretending to be Celeste—the question is why, because Calder can tell her heart just isn’t really in it.  Calder is determined that his mystery girl won’t disappear on him again without him learning just who she is and why she pretends to be someone else.


Cass never wanted to step into Celeste’s shoes again, but when Celeste gives Cass a chance to help her father’s plans and the only catch is to be Celeste for 24 hours, Cass reluctantly agrees.  Cass is amazed to see Calder at Celeste’s family home and even more surprised to suddenly find herself engaged to someone.  Since Celeste never mentioned a forthcoming engagement, Cass immediately tries to contact her to end this game now.  Cass learns about Calder’s secret identity that same night and also discovers that he has known it wasn’t Celeste at that party long ago.  The passion that sprang up between Cass and Calder comes back to life that night as Cass explains it all to Calder.  What began as a 24-hour game of pretend has turned into a life-changing event by the next morning.  The question is, just how is Cass going to come out of it?


A few stolen moments between two strangers springs back to life years later when they meet up again in Gold Shimmer.  I wasn’t surprised that the next couple to be covered in this mini-series was Cass and Calder.  I could tell their chemistry was hot in the brief time in the spotlight in the previous books.  What I was surprised about was the backstories of Cass and Calder and how their backgrounds and life experiences brought them closer together.  I was amazed at just what Calder’s secret life was, and I can’t wait to see how it will play out in the current mystery.  I was horrified when I learned about one of Cass’ experiences, and I can only hope that what happened and those behind it receive the justice that Cass should demand.  Overall, I have to say I’m looking forward to the next installment to see what happens with Cass and Calder.  Gold Shimmer is full of intrigue and suspense with just a touch of passion that fulfills and also leaves you wanting the next installment very soon.

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